Sarah Fujiwara exhibits at INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR BRUXELLES from Nov.24-26, 2023. VAN GOGH ART GALLERY presents Sarah.

Have a look of Sarah’s works at BRUXELLES EXPO!

Palais 1, Place de Belgique 1

1020 Bruxelles

Parking B, T, M

Sarah Fujiwara’s installations transport viewers to a world of ethereal beauty and tranquility, with carefully chosen fabrics representing the delicate nature of flowers. The labor of love involves meticulous selection and arrangement of fabrics, creating a sense of weightlessness and illusion of floating flowers. The awe-inspiring scale allows for an immersive experience, connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Her art aims to inspire appreciation for life’s fleeting beauty and moments of tranquility, capturing the essence of nature through traditional techniques and unique style. For further information, visits, sales and counseling services contact us: 0034.910.805.876